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Bodhi Jeffreys

Having been a CEO myself, I know that we are tested every day. Even the most accomplished CEOs have blindspots, limiting beliefs, experience anxiety and overwhelm, and can be reactive in stressful situations. All of this can undermine our success and reduce the fulfillment we derive from our work.

Over the years, I’ve seen too many peers and friends make unnecessary and avoidable missteps in their companies resulting in blown deals, widespread mistreatment of team members, talent loss, and even the failure of a company. This was really painful to watch.

It’s what drove me to develop a way to help CEOs evolve into more present, grounded, deeply aware and effective conscious leaders.

Business Background

~~ 15 years as a CEO
~~ 20 years coaching executives, entrepreneurs, and coaches
~~ Lifelong study of Eastern and Western philosophies
~~ Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology

What? More detail?

My many years as a CEO were exciting and rewarding, but also at times felt like I was living in a pressure cooker. And meeting with many other successful leaders over the years, I found that we’d all undermined ourselves — at times by our blindspots and beliefs; and other times we created new problems by reacting under stress. The result? Everything from damaged relationships and lost opportunities to career implosion. And these are the successful leaders!

Why are so many leaders drawn in my direction?

Well, ever since I was a kid people have come to me for reflection to gain greater awareness about what was going on for them and they've used that newfound clarity to better their lives.

As a CEO, members of my board of directors, elected officials, and other CEOs would set up meetings with me under the guise of discussing a certain business topic. But 99% of the time it was just their way of connecting with me for coaching so they could either find clarity about how to approach or communicate about a particular issue — or even, at times — avert career disaster.

Over decades of coaching, I've honed my approach to make it as easy as possible for CEOs to expand their awareness, work out their rough spots, then integrate their evolution into far more effective leadership.

What inspires me?

You do. That you’d even be reading this far down the page tells me that what I’m sharing resonates a bit with you. It gives me hope for this crazy world.

It’s important to me to continue making a positive difference in a lot of people’s lives and in the world. The more you evolve as a conscious leader, the better you’ll feel, the wiser you’ll lead, and the greater the positive impact you’ll have on the quality of life of those around you. This is how we create a better world. Together.

What will it be like to work with me?

We’ll take the work we’re doing together seriously, but we will not take ourselves too seriously. Our work will be powerful, grounded, and have depth. The more aware you become, the lighter you’ll feel. We’ll laugh. A lot. And you’ll look forward to our sessions.

In addition to what's described on the coaching page, my clients also take advantage of my CEO background, using me as a sounding board for decisions, company direction, business planning, and organizational changes. It’s like having a secure private line to discuss situations you wouldn’t want to discuss with anyone in the company, or even your peers.

What do other CEOs say about our work together?

You know how it goes with testimonials — people are generous with what they write. That noted, these testimonials are written by people who have worked with me over many years and they’re truly heartfelt.

Anything to share with the class about your personal life?

Bodhi's wife, Simone

I’m grounded and generally joyful, and filled with gratitude for the 27 amazing years I had with my beloved, amazing wife, Simone. Following a long illness she transitioned from this world in 2015, but her profound wisdom is alive in me today and will serve our work together. If you’re curious about our life together, check out my tale of my dear love here.

I’m a lifelong recording artist and songwriter. Melodic reggae is my soul music and its influence shows up in my writing — but sadly, not my accent! Spent close to 20 years performing from NY to Los Angeles and won't ever forget the thrill of hearing my music on the radio for the first time.

What else? I love the ocean, mountains, science fiction/fantasy books and movies, and sports, especially NBA basketball.

Okay, that feels like a pretty good snapshot to share with you. Now, all that's left is for you to send me a message to set up a time to see if it feels great to work together.

Until then...

Recent testimonials

  • Bodhi is a brilliant catalyst for taking my company to the next level.

    Hanna Snorradóttir CEO, Harmonic Living Copenhagen, Denmark

    Bodhi is a brilliant catalyst for taking my company to the next level. With the benefit of his wisdom, presence, and guidance, I feel more empowered, can see even more clearly, and my company is really growing!

  • What astounded me was Bodhi’s ability to guide me in how to put these things he teaches into practice in every area of my life.

    Paul Williams Author, Founder & CEO, Crawdaddy Magazine Encinitas, California

    What astounded me was Bodhi’s ability to guide me in how to put these things he teaches into practice in every area of my life. Conceptual learning is great, but what made his coaching so powerful is that it’s made such a real difference in my life. I would unhesitatingly recommend Bodhi to anyone who seeks to break whatever chains may bind them.

  • I’m thankful for your clarity and presence and for how much peace it has brought into my life.

    Violet Lehrer CEO, Clarity Path Coaching Carlsbad, California

    Bodhi, I woke up flooded with gratitude for you today — your essence, your teaching, your energy, your non-judgment. Your ability to have integrated that and not just teach it is inspiring to me. I’m thankful for your clarity and presence and for how much peace it has brought into my life. I’m thankful that you have shown me (and Matt) the path to our hearts. I’m thankful for all the moments of freedom and joy that are in my life because I am not in resistance. You have made a profound difference in my life.

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