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The Evolving CEO brand of coaching is a grounded approach designed to support you in becoming significantly more self-aware which results in greater clarity, wisdom, and a sense of inner calm.

The natural outcome of this shift is superior critical decision-making, excellence in communication, and high-level conscious leadership.

Applying the customized work we do together to your real-world challenges will invigorate and strengthen your capacity to lead with unyielding integrity, fearlessness, and authenticity.

What is unique about Evolving CEO coaching?

What differentiates this work is that you’ll benefit from all that I’ve learned over my 35 years as a CEO, coach and mentor to CEOs and entrepreneurs — as well as my Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology. I've been there and lived it. And I learned to skillfully navigate the intense pressures of leading and succeeding in business.

Hundreds of CEOs across the globe have utilized me as a sounding board for decisions, company direction, business planning, and organizational changes. But what will distinguish our time together from traditional executive coaching is the profound long-term transformation you’ll experience — a shift toward greater clarity, calm, wisdom and authenticity as a leader.

You’ll find it fairly easy to directly apply the Eastern and Western philosophies I work with to essential aspects of business leadership. And you’ll also really benefit from the simple, effective neuroscience techniques we'll use to optimize your capacity to deal with any circumstance.

It won’t take long to for you to realize very positive results from our work together — like those in the before and after chart below. And as we work together, you’ll begin to notice that you’re developing into a far more masterful CEO. It will feel great, and truly make a big difference in your life and your leadership.

What do you wish you could change?

  • Instead of feeling...
    Crises of confidence or imposter syndrome
  • I want to feel...
    Confident and at my best — even during crises
  • Instead of feeling...
    Unsure about decisions I'm making or my company's direction
  • I want to feel...
    Aware and clear while making wise, intelligent decisions
  • Instead of feeling...
    Stress driving unskillful communication
  • I want to feel...
    Greater flow and ease for effective communication
  • Instead of feeling...
    Anxiety or overwhelm interfering with taking action

  • I want to feel...
    Calm and fully able to act wisely and powerfully
  • Instead of feeling...
    Discomfort or pangs of conscience about things I've said or done

  • I want to feel...
    Strength from leading with integrity, authenticity, and transparency
  • Instead of feeling...
    Stuck or blocked by self-limiting beliefs
  • I want to feel...
    Empowered to lead the company to grow and succeed

Let's Work Together!

I know what's written here sounds good. While I'm not promising perfection, these outcomes I've described can all be a very real part of your life and leadership.

Some shifts may be fast-coming, but like all things worth working toward, transformational changes generally do unfold gradually. If you stay the course, you'll be rewarded.

If you're ready, the first step is to click the "Connect with Bodhi" button to send a brief message. I'll respond personally and we'll set up a no-cost call to explore how this work can offer profound changes in your particular business and life. Calls are pressure free... pressure's not my style.

If we're a good match, we'll begin the process of having you integrate this new way of being — and you'll evolve into an even more authentic, fulfilled, and successful conscious leader.

Recent testimonials

  • My work with Bodhi has led to an outstanding improvement in my critical decision-making.

    Daniel Alvarez, Ph.D. CEO and Founder, Purity ReSource, Inc. Vista, California USA

    These sessions have given me heightened clarity and logic on one hand, and greater awareness and intuition on the other. My work with Bodhi has led to an outstanding improvement in my critical decision-making. I now work with greater ease, have more enjoyment, and function at a level higher than ever before — all while growing a leading-edge organization.

  • Bodhi is a healer and teacher as well as a brilliant coach.

    Sofia Manning CEO, Manning Inspire Copenhagen, Denmark

    I have met and trained a lot of coaches and being a coach myself I have very high standards for what I think a great coach is. Bodhi is more than a great coach, he is a healer and teacher as well as a brilliant coach. Bodhi's insight into guiding me to truth is rare and unique. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with him and highly recommend his coaching to anyone who is committed to truth.

  • Bodhi's business acumen and insight brought me to a whole new level.

    Irv Katz, Ph.D. Chancellor, International University of Professional Studies Maui, Hawaii

    The improvement in my capacity to lead wisely and effectively has been profound. As a result, the University is far more focused and productive, and in a much better position to serve and grow our student population. Bodhi's business acumen and insight brought me to a whole new level. What a difference!

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