How to Compassionately Fire a Long-Time Employee

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Struggling to compassionately let go of a long-time employee? This video shares the uncomfortable heartfelt journey of a CEO needing to fire a long-serving employee and confidant. Watch how leaders can deal with feelings.

In This Video

In this video, you'll learn about navigating the emotional complexities of leadership decisions that impact lives, like firing an employee.

We'll explore a real-life scenario involving a CEO needing to terminate his long-standing VP of HR, emphasizing the role of self-awareness and compassion.

Learn to address feelings of guilt and responsibility while still acting in the company's best interests. Through the CEO’s story, discover the power of conscious leadership and authentic compassion in making tough decisions.

This is essential knowledge for anyone in a leadership role. Tune in to gain insights for your professional growth journey.


00:00 Navigating Wisely When Impacting Teams

00:40 What to Do with Feelings in Decision-Making

01:01 How Ignoring Feelings Compromises Leadership

02:37 The Story of William and Mary

03:30 William's Struggle with the Decision

03:53 The Impact of Personal Connections

04:30 Unpacking the Real Issue

05:38 Balancing Objectivity and Empathy

06:20 The Path to Resolution

07:21 Introspective Insights Lead to Clarity

08:59 Infusing Compassion into Leadership

10:15 We Won’t Know How They’ll React

10:56 The Importance of Authentic vs. Fake Compassion

12:30 Outro

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