Leading in Reality with "The Work of Byron Katie"

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Uplevel your leadership with The Work of Byron Katie—a powerful tool to cut through distorted thinking and emotional reactivity. Rediscover clarity and improve professional relationships with this simple, effective technique.

In This Video

Discover the power of 'The Work of Byron Katie' in our latest video. Learn to identify the distortions of reality through your personal lens and how to confront them to enhance decision-making.

Dive into a simple yet impactful process to unravel unhelpful beliefs that affect your leadership style.

You can use this technique to reduce stress, save time and improve relationships. So get ready to tackle troublesome thoughts and become more aware of your perceptions of reality.

This will expand your leadership capacity, all while reducing unnecessary emotional reactivity.


00:00 Intro

00:40 The Problem with Perception

01:14 Byron Katie and "The Work"

01:39 Determining What Thought or Belief to Address

02:17 Question 1: Do We Believe This Thought is Real?

02:35 Question 2: Do We Absolutely Believe This Thought is True?

03:12 Question 3: Assessing the Impact of Our Beliefs

03:41 Question 4: Envisioning Life Without Our Distorted Thoughts

04:02 The Final Step: Do The Turnaround

04:25 Saving Time, Energy, and Reducing Stress

04:55 Outro

Unleash your Brilliance as a Conscious Leader

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