How CEOs Can Avoid Shooting Ourselves in the Foot

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We’ve all shaken our heads after doing something unwise. Navigate the minefield of executive decision-making in this video that uncovers the power of intuition and awareness in steering clear of self-sabotaging actions.

In This Video

In this video, we explore the power of awareness and its impact on leadership — both on how cultivating awareness is crucial for CEOs to make wiser decisions, build authentic relationships, and navigate challenges effectively — AND, how awareness can prevent us from blowing up our careers and our companies.

By being present and attuned to what's happening within and around us, we can gather valuable information, respond wisely, and avoid unwise decisions that can have far-reaching consequences.

The more we practice and develop our awareness, the more readily available it becomes to guide our leadership. Join us on this journey of unlocking the power of awareness to lead well and wisely as a CEO.


00:00 Preventing Unnecessary Fallout

00:39 Too Much Time in Our Heads

01:16 Ignoring Subtle Cues: A Cautionary Tale

02:02 How to Not Really Listen

02:25 The Consequences of Ignoring Awareness

03:20 What IS Awareness?

04:08 What Awareness Looks Like

04:49 Harnessing Potent Awareness

05:40 Common Circumstances That Interfere with Awareness

06:17 Self-Awareness Provides Critical Data

06:58 Learning NOW from Mistakes

07:48 The Broad Benefits of Awareness

08:14 The Way to NOT Fool Ourselves

08:45 Awareness as a Time Saver

09:10 Remembering to Be More Aware

09:44 Outro

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