How to Be Great at Receiving Criticism

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Key in on the transformative secret to handling criticism free of the stress of taking it personally. Learn how to disconnect your self-worth from performance, all while enhancing your leadership skills.

In This Video

Learn how to overcome the stress of being critiqued. Discover the impact of equating talents and accomplishments with self-worth and the pressure it creates. Explore strategies to raise self-awareness and stop applying meaning where it doesn't belong.

And find out how by freeing yourself from the need for external approval, you can be an even more high-functioning leader and create a positive work environment for your team.

Better celebrate successes, learn from failures, and embrace your inherent worth as you navigate the journey of being an evolving CEO.


00:00 Intro

00:42 The Trap of Personal Identification

01:08 The Stress of Wanting Approval and Respect

01:50 Disconnecting Our Personal Value with Performance

02:28 The Perils of Self-Induced Pressure

02:59 Shifting How We Judge Ourselves

03:37 Embracing Our Inherent Worth

04:30 Outro

Unleash your Brilliance as a Conscious Leader

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