Enhancing Communication and Decision-Making through Awareness

Better communication, wiser strategies, more informed decisions, better treatment of our teams and customers and improved balance in our lives? From being more aware??? Yes, awareness is no small thing. Check this out…

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A Conscious Leader’s Guide to Conquering Self-Doubt

Self-doubt haunts many CEOs and entrepreneurs. Sure, sometimes we may act like we don’t have self-doubt, and we can even convince ourselves of this at times, but it’s rare to not have any seeds of self-doubt. Check this out.

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How to Face Life’s Temptations and Remain in Integrity

As a CEO, temptations to compromise our integrity are ever present as needs for more recognition, material gain, and other needs have led people astray throughout history. How we can we lead in integrity as a steady norm?

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Overcoming 'Not Good Enough' Syndrome

How often do you find yourself a bit fixated on needing something to be done perfectly? No, we never say, “It has to be perfect!”, rather, we focus on it needing to be done right. But is “right” just a code word for perfect?

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Realizing How Often We’re Not Actually Listening

When we’re more interested in having the floor than listening to other perspectives, we undermine our potential for success because we’re depriving ourselves of what may well be critical information.

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Cultivating Inclusion through Transparent Communication

How can transparent communication better foster inclusivity in our businesses? Let’s explore the transformation from fear-driven control to transparent leadership, and how this can improve employee productivity and retention.

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